Voluntary Recall of Belkin TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free, TuneBaseFM with Hands-Free, and TuneBaseFM with ClearScan

Belkin has identified that a component of the TuneBase, the washer, can cause an electrical short circuit when plugged into a vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter. The washer is a circular, black, plastic unit situated at the tip of the TuneBase's cigarette lighter adapter. After a rigorous investigation, Belkin has determined that under certain conditions of heat, humidity and prolonged periods of power-on (e.g. when the TuneBase is left plugged in overnight), some units with the washer have shown potential to pose a risk of fire.

SurgeMaster Exchange

Identifying your SurgeMaster Product Code

Belkin has determined that certain SurgeMaster surge protectors manufactured by Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd. of Taiwan pose a safety risk that may result in the rotating plug molding and housing parts cracking or detaching from the plug assembly in rare circumstances.