Smart TV Connect to the Internet

How can I connect my Smart TV to the Internet?

Some Smart TVs come with built-in wifi, most however, don't. If this is true for your Smart TV, it means you are missing the numerous advantages of owning a Smart TV versus a usual TV.

In order to connect your Smart TV to the Internet, you can choose between a few different options:

  • An optional wifi-USB dongle
  • An Ethernet cable
  • A Powerline solution
  • A Smart TV Link

Belkin recommends using Smart TV Link.

  • It is as reliable as a cable but looks better (as you can't see it once installed the 1 port Smart TV Link is out of sight)
  • It offers the speed and coverage of a Dual-band Wi-Fi network
  • It is a great universal solution which works with almost any Smart TV
  • Installation takes a couple of minutes
  • It is powered via USB (no need for additional power supply or cable clutter)

Smart TV Link

Smart TV Link

Connect the Smart TV Link to your TV's Ethernet port, and you are ready to start streaming. It's that easy.

Smart TV Link 4 Port

Connect your Smart TV and your peripherals such as your Blu ray player, streaming media player or game console wirelessly to the Internet with the Speed and Coverage of Dual Band.

What if my wireless signal is not strong enough to reach my SMART TV?

Thick walls between your Smart TV and the wireless router, certain building materials and interference from appliances, cordless phones, and other wifi routers, can degrade wireless signal strength and interfere with your networks performance. In such cases, Belkin recommends turning your home's existing electrical wiring into a high-speed network, with Powerline.

Powerline provides a secure, stable Internet connection in remote rooms or places wireless signals can't reach, without the need to install cables throughout your home. With Powerline networking, any wall outlet can be turned into an Internet access point with a fast, reliable online connection.


Smart TV Powerline HD500

Create the ultimate home entertainment network. Get fast, reliable speeds for streaming HD video, playing music and online gaming with the Powerline Play HD 500.

Smart TV Powerline 3 port

Connect up to three devices, such as a game console, Blu-ray player and a SMART TV to the internet.

Actual output may depend on audio/video equipment and mix of wireless products used.