Screen Protection

Ultimate protection for your smartphone screen

Belkin offers an extensive range of innovations designed to provide the screen of your phone with the best protection while you're at home, in your car or simply on the go.

  • The ultimate resistance to scratches
    We know everyday life is not always smooth. You have a busy life, and so has your phone. Stop worrying about your keys scratching your screen and enjoy your phone without the risk of it being scratched or damaged along the way.
  • Easy to install
    Belkin Screen Guard overlays can be attached in seconds. We know you have better ways to spend 20 minutes than attaching a screen overlay, don't you?
  • Absolutely transparent
    Enjoy a perfectly clear screen and forget about your Screen Guard.
  • Extremely sensitive to the touch
    Belkin Screen Guard overlays are incredibly thin. Being only 0.132mm thin means you keep the sensitivity of a naked screen.
  • Lifetime warranty
    Providing the highest quality products is fundamental for Belkin. So the complete range of Screen Guard comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty statement
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