Power Battery Backup/UPS

Battery Backup/UPS

The RG Battery Backup is designed for use with the AT&T; U-verseSM Residential Gateway and AT&T; U-verseSM
Voice service.

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If your battery is more than 3 years old or has expired, choose this option to purchase a replacement battery for your Battery Backup Unit.

Residential Gateway (RG) Battery Backup Replacement Battery for REV A & REV B

Part Number: F6C127-BAT

Belkin Residential Gateway (RG)
Battery Backup - REV A

Part Number: BU3DC000-12V

Belkin Residential Gateway (RG)
Battery Backup - REV B

Part Number: BU3DC001-12V

Belkin Battery Backup Dedicated Support: 866-539-5791

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