Introducing WeMo.

WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere. Turn them on or off, trigger them with motion, even put them on a schedule.

WeMo lives on your smartphone and uses your home WiFi and mobile internet. Setting up and using it is a snap. WeMo truly is your home at your fingertips.

What can WeMo do?

Almost anything. WeMo can make your house a more convenient, easy place to be. When you return home, your lights are on. Leave the room, and the TV turns off. Turn off a light downstairs after you've already turned in.

Put your house on a schedule—bedroom and living room lights go on in the evening, the kids' playroom gadgets go off at bedtime.

The WeMo App

With WeMo you run your home right from your iPhone. The free WeMo app lets you control individual or multiple devices. Turn off a lamp from the other side of the house. Turn on the lights in the living room, from the other side of town.

Schedules are easy to set up too—have a heater or a fan turn on a half hour before you get home to make the temperature just right. With WeMo, it's all up to you.

WeMo Switch

If it plugs in, you can turn it on or off with WeMo. Just plug your lamp, or fan, or stereo (almost anything) into the WeMo Switch, and you're ready to control it with the WeMo app. And WeMo is completely modular. With multiple WeMo Switches, you can control as much or as little of your home as you like. Learn more

WeMo Switch

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WeMo Switch + Motion

A great way to use the WeMo Switch is to trigger it with motion. Just place the WeMo Motion sensor wherever you like, connect it to a WeMo Switch controlling a light, and that light goes on whenever you pass by. With WeMo Motion, appliances wake up and perform their tasks when you get near them, and go to sleep when you leave. Just like they should! Learn more

WeMo Switch + Motion

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WeMo and the Web.

WeMo is just a great idea–giving you everything you need to make your house a more comfortable place right now.

And WeMo is growing every day. For example, WeMo can interact with web-based social media and apps through a great service called IFTTT (If This Then That). So when the sensor at your front door is triggered, you get an email. Or when the sun sets, your hallway lamp goes on. Very cool. Learn more

It's so easy.

As ingenious as WeMo is, it's incredibly easy and intuitive. Your WeMo Switches and WeMo Motion connect right through your home Wi-Fi Network.

You just download the free WeMo app, and you're off and running—it's simple, clear and fun to use. With the WeMo app you tell your Switches and Motion Sensors what to do, and when to do it. You can name every item you're controlling with WeMo, even take its picture and have that appear next to its name.

WeMo is your home at your fingertips.

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