Thunderbolt Express Dock

Introducing Thunderbolt Express Dock

Thunderbolt is a quantum leap forward. Suddenly everything is faster, easier, better. Thunderbolt moves data on two bidirectional 10Gbs channels. That's 20 times faster than USB 2.0, 12 times faster than Firewire 800. And it means an entire

HD movie transfers in 30 seconds. A whole year of continuous music? 10 minutes.

Life on your laptop is about to be very different. In a very good way.

Easy is beautiful.

With Thunderbolt Express Dock, all your drives, networking, input and output devices connect to the 9 ports on the back. It in turn connects to your laptop through 1 Thunderbolt port. In short, nine cables become one cable.

So taking your laptop when you go, and bringing it home when you return means dealing with a single cable. Which connects you to a very brave new world indeed.

Beautiful is beautiful.

We thought that a technology as brilliant and beautiful as Thunderbolt deserved a dock that not only performs at the highest level, but looks the part as well. So we designed The Thunderbolt Express Dock with an elegant, low profile. Simple is beautiful, and Thunderbolt Express Dock is a shining example.

Download HD feature film:
30 seconds.

Sync a year's worth of continuous
music: 10 minutes.

First Quarter, 2013: Thunderbolt Express Dock will be here fast.

Let me know when pre-ordering starts.

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